TinREAD Administration Module provides access to all structured areas ofTinREAD ILS, in order, on the one hand, to apply configuration and parameterization, and on the other hand for operationswhose frequencyand importancefalls into the category of care under App Administrator, as our clientstaff.

TinREAD Platform is a complex application based on J2EE architecture, designed for rapid development of information management systems and portal integration.

For TinREAD Platform development we have selected the N-tier model architecture, in which the functional logic, storage and data accessare developed and managed as independent modules. N-tier architecture is a versatile and modular infrastructure, designed to improve the operation manner, flexibility, interoperability and scalability.

TinREAD integrated system is able to work with most relational databases compatible with SQL92 standard that supports Enterprise-class functionality, namely, the ability to work with stored procedures.

Briefly speaking, the Administration module provides control of all system components, as can be seen in the non-exhaustive enumeration of the following functions:
  • Users and Groups management
  • Roles management
  • Modules behavior
  • Running services
  • Resources allocation
  • And more ...

For any of the TinREAD versions,the Administration Module control the core functions and is provided by default, regardless of the architecture that our customers choose to buy.