Professional Workshop: [video]: electronic resource / Tatiana Donţu. Duration: 06: 04 min Dr. Lidia Kulikovski (Library Manager) presenting the Management Services for Users in Contemporary Libraries of Liviu-Iulian Dediu Ph.D. The Presidium, together with those mentioned is Prof. Dr. Ion Stoica (Center), former manager of Central University Library Carol I from Bucharest and LIS Head of Department at University of Bucharest. 21.06.2012. Available at:

We point out the publication of a very important reference work in the professional landscape of works in Romania, in which we mention the inclusion of Liviu-Iulian Dediu Ph.D, Director at IME (at page 81)

A new professional work, written by Liviu-Iulian Dediu Ph.D, was print this month at ANBPR Publishing House. Management Services for Users in Contemporary Libraries, was launched at the BiblioPublica 2012 Conference, held at Palace of Culture from Târgu Mureş, on 26 April 2012. Presentation of the book was done by Doina Popa, ANBPR President (Center) and Dan Matei, Manager at Institute for Cultural Memory of Romania (right). From left to right: Adrian Trăistaru, Manager, National Edition of Who is Who for Romania, Ileana Iorga, RAO Publishing House, Ovidiu Enculescu, General Manager, RAO Publishing House, Daniel Nazare, Director of "G. Baritiu" County Public Library from Brasov, Doina Popa, President, ANBPR, Liviu-Iulian Dediu Ph.D., Dan Matei, Manager, Institute for Cultural Memory of Romania. More details:

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