In the second quarter of 2013 is scheduled to be available in the newest version of the TinREAD System. As in the case of the previous release, the upgrade will be done by an automated procedure, which will be initiated within a period of time agreed by common accord by the TinREAD local administrators with the representative of Support Department of IME.

25-28 February 2013 has held the training course in the use of Integrated Library System TinREAD. The course was attended by about 80 librarians. A separate component had an integration with RFID equipment recently installed in two of the library's branches. The latest installation, at the Law Faculty Library, the Branch to be opened in the first half of March.

The week of 11-15 February 2013 at the National University of Theatrical and Cinematography Arts ' I.L. Caragiale ' in Bucharest, librarians took training courses in the use of TinREAD, as part of the migration process from the TinLib software package to the Neo-ILS TinREAD.

Since version 3.2.1 of Neo-ILS TinREAD, user manuals will be available online from the Help menu. After performing the upgrade to the new version, application administrators can activate the appearance of manuals through control of access rights management menu in administration.

We mention that a new and interesting article has appeared in the No. 4/2012 of Romanian Review of Library and Information Science, pp. 29-40 (ISSN: 1841-1940) on the WebOPAC systems, their standard and extended functionalities that they must have them today. The author, Liviu-Iulian Dediu Ph.D., resume and develop in the article elements that have been the subject of his presentation which he achieved at The National Conference organized by the ABR (Romanian Library Association) at University "L. Blaga" in Sibiu (2011). The Journal is indexed in EBSCO Library and Information Science Source database and is translated into English.

Within the election which were held at the General Conference of the ANBPR that took place at Brăila, Mr Liviu-Iulian Dediu Ph.D. was elected a member of the Governing Council of the Association. We are happy for this decision and wish success to the new leadership elected mandate in the new legislature, which now begins. On this occasion, we congratulate the members of the leadership who has ceased the mandate for achievements in this difficult period marked by both the economic crisis and profound changes in the social and professional mentality. ANBPR is The National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries from Romania.

The Publishers Union in Romania held on 29-30 September 2012 a conference attended by both publishers and librarians. At the Conference, was invited to hold a workshop the IME Deputy Director, Mr Liviu-Iulian Dediu Ph.D. The title of the workshop was: eBook. Beyond appearances, or "What is born of cat, the mice eat". The workshop was attended by approximately 40 people. More details at:

18-20 October will take place at Brăila, in organizing the Public County Library "P. Istrati" the 23rd General Conference of the ANBPR. As usual, the IME is a sponsor. Mr Liviu-Iulian Dediu Ph.D. will make a presentation entitled: New library services: two examples from the practice of American libraries. Mr Dediu has participated this year in The IVLP Program, funded by the U.S. Department of State and the presentation he will be keeping at the Conference is coming to bring a fresh perspective to Romanian librarians on the implementation of new services in public libraries. ANBPR is The National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries from Romania.

From August to September 2012, Dr. Liviu-Iulian Dediu was invited by U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and participated in International Visitor Leadership Program Strengthening Democratic Governance. On this occasion, Liviu-Iulian Dediu Ph.D. had the opportunity to participate in the meetings that were held in the libraries of different types and sizes, schools of library, NGOs, local and federal Governments, private companies operating in the info-documentary sector, during which meetings had discussions of professional interest. Some of the results of these discussions will be in professional communication that will be made by Mr. Dediu in the ANBPR and other professional associations, public presentations, conferences and trainings he will support further. Of course, from the experience of Mr. Dediu will benefit all through its participation in the continuous process of improvement of the TinREAD Integrated Library System which has a growing librarians comunity from all over the world.

Some 200 librarians are enrolled and attending this year, the training with the theme of "The Development of Library Services" provided by the trainers of The Training Center of ANBPR. The training, conducted by Prof. Dr. Hermina G.B. Anghelescu (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI) and Librarian Dr. Liviu-Iulian Dediu (IME Romania) have a complex structure with applied approach. A session of the course deals with the interface and functionality of "Next-Generation OPAC". Practical examples of this session should be made using the BIBLIO.RO - Collective Catalogue of Libraries in Romania, as well as those of the libraries systems whose functionality is using the digital library functionality. The training was created and customized for The Training Center of ANBPR, Training in mid-2010. By the end of 2011, more than 200 people have completed this course.

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